2015 Portia Geach Memorial Award


Natasha Bieniek Sahara low res.

The annual award exhibition for portraiture by contemporary Australian women artists. The award, which was first given in 1965 in memory of the artist Portia Geach, displays selected entries from artists across the nation representing diversity in contemporary portraiture. The Award is recognised as one of the most important celebrations of the talents and creativity of Australian female portrait painters and has played a major role in developing the profile of the nation’s women artist and in 2015 celebrates its 50th anniversary.

image: NATASHA BIENIEK, Sahara (self portrait) oil on wood, winner 2015 Portia Geach Memorial Award


Sunday afternoons @ the Gallery


Sunday 27 September at 3pm

Join Sinead Davies and Denise Parkinson for a discussion on their different approaches to the use of the mirror that reflects the inner and outer worlds of the sitter or the self portrait.


Sunday 11 October at 3pm 

Join Filippa Buttitta, Kathrin Longhurst and Sally Ryan as they discuss issues of love and vulnerability expressed in their paintings in the exhibition.


 Sunday 18 October at 3pm 

Join Nicolette Eisdell, Maryanne Wick and Sally West for a discussion on their portraits that celebrate the lives of their subjects both past and the present. 


Sunday 25 October at 3pm


 Richard Morecroft will convene a panel discussion about the relevance of art prizes with exhibitng artists Danelle Bergstrom, Laura Jones & Alison Mackay, along with 2015 judge Portia Geach Memorial Award Jane Watters.



FREE with exhibition entry



2015 finalists  





Clara Adolphs

Winter Garden 

oil on canvas

Maureen Gardner

Tsering Hannaford

Julia, Protea 

oil on board

Julia Townsend

Danelle Bergstrom

Centenary of Grace- Eileen Kramer 

oil on linen

Eileen Kramer

Jo Bertini

Annie & Min thinking about work 

oil on canvas

Anne Ferguson

Natasha Bieniek


oil on wood


Cynthia Breusch  

The Sleeper (Self-Portrait) 

acrylic on linen


Claire Bridge

Self with Pentimenti 

oil on linen

Self Portrait

Filippa Buttitta

Lost Child Sleeping 

Oil on canvas

Paloma Buttitta White

Celeste Chandler

Heroic woman artist with shaving cream 

oil on linen on oval stretcher

Ilona Nelson

Jac Clark

Meeting Rosie Batty 

acrylic on canvas

Rosie Batty

Shannon Crees

Anthony Lister, mug shot 

acrylic on canvas

Anthony Lister

Irene Crusca


oil on linen

Shoshanna Jordan

Amanda Davies

Self portrait with Calyptorhynchus funereus ruff 

oil on linen

Amanda Davies

Sinead Davies

Self Portrait with Carel Fabritius (1622-1654) The Goldfinch 

oil on canvas


Tamara Dean

A woman of influence 

oil on linen

Jennifer Morris

Nicolette Eisdell  

Michael at Home 

oil on canvas

Michael Shirley

Lucy Fekete

"Don't Worry. It Doesn't Matter" 

acrylic on canvas


Prudence Flint


oil on linen

Athena Bellas

Kristin Headlam

Charles Nodrum 

oil on panel

Charles Nodrum

Kyra Henley

Jade & Jaia Dewi 

oil on canvas

Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Bronwyn Hill

Brendan Hill 

oil on board

Brendan Hill

Michelle Hiscock

Fixing the broken nightingale 

oil on linen

Richard James Allen

Polly Ifould

Barry Jones: Man of the Future 

oil on canvas

The Hon Barry Jones AC

Laura Jones

Marieke, reading 

oil on linen

Marieke Hardy

Nicole Kelly

Mike Nock in Pink 

oil on polyester

Mike Nock

Kathrin Longhurst

Self Portrait as Young Girl 

mixed media on canvas

Maia Longhurst

Alison Mackay

Shower. Head. 

oil on board under resin


Mahala Magins

Sometimes I feel 100 years old, yet I will work till I'm 98 as did Louise Bourgeois 

oil on linen


Marie Mansfield

Study of Euan Macleod 

oil on board

Euan Macleod

Elizabeth Marruffo

The Tiniest Parade 

acrylic and oil on Belgian linen

Anna Dunnill and Renae Coles

Abbey  McCulloch

If you don't laugh you'll cry 

oil on canvas

Judith Lucy

Matilda Michell


oil on canvas

Matt McMahon

Alison Mitchell

self portrait as still life 

oil on canvas


Frankie Morgan

Self Portrait, August in Berlin 

gouache on paper


Alexandra Mowday

Holding On 

oil on canvas


Denise Parkinson

Triple Goddess 

oil on canvass

Ellouise Rothwell

Mary Pridmore

Shoes, stool, stole, and specs

oil on canvas


Robyn Rich

Self portrait 

oil on wood


Melissa Ritchie

 The Fabulous Moustachio'd lady 

oil on linen

Adam Richard

Sally Robinson

James Valentine 

acrylic on canvas

James Valentine

Jenny Rodgerson

Self Portrait No. 8 

oil on linen


Sally Ryan

Greste's Mother - waiting for Peter 

oil on linen

Lois Greste

Tai Snaith

Failed self portrait, finished by my children 

watercolour on paper


Loribelle Spirovski

Memento Mori: Caged 

oil on canvas


Liz Stute


oil on linen

Liz Stute

Derryn Tal

The dinosaurs 

mixed media, acrylic and resin

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy  

Rosemary Valadon

The Dutiful Daughter  

oil on canvas

Genevieve Carroll (with Parris Dewhurst)

Deborah Walker  

When I was young I read 'The Idiot" 

oil on linen


Sally West

Enchained - First Sitting - John Wegner As Jokanaan In Opera Australia's Salome 

oil on canvas

John Wegner

Fiona White

Blu Sox 

acrylic paint, oil pastel, compressed charcoal on board


Vanessa White

Plasticus interdisciplinary performance: The artist reclining in Coveralls and multifocals 

polymer paint on canvas


Leigha White

James Powditch half-way through life 

oil on linen

James Powditch

Maryanne Wick

Self Portrait - Homage to Magritte 

oil on canvas


Esmeralda Raven Aponte

Blossoming Voice 

gouache on canvas

Katie Noonan

Christine Wrest Smith

Portrait of Rick Amor 

oil on linen

Rick Amor





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