Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm

Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Art in Conflict

  • Sat 2 October 2021 until Sun 14 November 2021

Dates to be confirmed

Art in Conflict is a new exhibition from the Australian War Memorial’s collection, featuring contemporary works by leading Australian artists. The exhibition, launching  at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, highlights how war art can lead us to consider different ways of thinking about current and recent conflicts, and thus invites us to consider perspectives we might not otherwise encounter.

The exhibition will debut three major new bodies of work: recent official war art commissions by Susan Norrie (Iraq, 2016) and Megan Cope (Middle East, 2017) and a landmark commemorative work by Angelica Mesiti.

image: MEGAN COPE Flight or Fight #6 A Line in the Sand  2019 55 cm x 55.7 cm
Sykes and Picot Map over Eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and Western Persia on printed silk Collection: Australian War Memorial