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Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Salon des Refusés 1999

  • This event finished on 18 April 1999

20 March–18 April 1999

The ‘alternative’ selection from the hundreds of entries to the Archibald & Wynne Prizes at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Since 1992 the S H Ervin Gallery’s annual Salon des Refusés exhibition has established an excellent reputation to rival the selections of the “official” prize exhibition.

Artists: David Aspden, Daryl Austin, Brett Bailey, Jennifer Bell, Michael Boland, Steve Bowden, David Bromley Robert Brownhall, Anthony Buselli, John Caldwell, Russell Carey, Judy Cassab, Tania Castaing, Ian Chapman, Maria Cruz, Adam Cullen, Max Cullen, Vivienne Ferguson, Fred Fink, Julie Fragar, Kathy Golski, Ann Grocott, Pablo Grover, Philip Hall, Sophie Hann, Katherine Hattam, Robert Jacks, Roy Jackson, Anwen Keeling, Peter Kingston, Gunther Kopietz, Elisabeth Kruger, David Larwill, Sandra Leveson, Stewart MacFarlane, Carolyn McKay-Creecy, Noel McKenna, David Metcalf, Max Miller, Jane Naylor, Paul Newton, Peter O’Doherty, Josonia Palaitis, Wendy Pawley, Jan Riske, James Rogers, Joan Ross, Timothy Schultz, Peter Smith, Jacqui Stockdale, Andrew Sullivan, Robert Thirlwell, Rosemary Valadon, Norval Watson, Margaret Woodward, William York, Maria Zeiss. Qiang Zhang, Lawrence Zheng, Xiaoping Zhou, Michael Zschech.