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Salon des Refusés 2002

  • This event finished on 21 July 2002

1 June – 21 July 2002

The ‘alternative’ selection from the hundreds of entries to the Archibald & Wynne Prizes at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Since 1992 the S H Ervin Gallery’s annual Salon des Refusés exhibition has established an excellent reputation to rival the selections of the “official” prize exhibition . This year’s exhibition is guaranteed to be witty, controversial and engaging.

Our panel includedElsa Atkin, Executive Director, National Trust (NSW); Barry Pearce, Head Curator Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales; Nick Vickers, Curator, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, University of Sydney & Jane Watters, Director, S H Ervin Gallery



Sunday 2 June – Three very different artists discuss their very different approaches to portraiture. Tony Costa has painted a self-portrait, Peter Kingston has made a “cuckoo” out of Alan Jones and David Naseby has captured historian and writer, Dick Hall.

Sunday 9 June – Artists painting actors. Artist, Ruth Stone, will discuss the painting experience with her sitter, Steve Vidler, best known for his lead role in Heartland. Artist, Joe Penn, will speak about his painting with his sitter, Lorraine Bayly, of Carson’s Law and The Sullivans.

Sunday 16 June – The artist triangle. Tom Carment has paintings selected in both the Wynne and Archibald sections of the exhibition. He is also the subject of a portrait by Molly Heller-Wagner. They will discuss their work and the experience of artists painting artists.

Sunday 23 June – Women in art. Amanda King will speak with the subject of her painting, international artist Bronwyn Bancroft. Sculptor, Anne Ferguson, will discuss the experience of having her portrait painted with the artist, her daughter Jo Bertini.

Sunday 30 June – Former Archibald prizewinner, Euan Macleod, talks about his landscape diptych. Gina Bruce will discuss her multi-paneled work. Both artists have used more than one view to evoke their landscape.

Sunday 7 July – A reversal of roles: artist Barbara Licha has put arts writer, Victoria Hynes, in the hot seat as the subject of her painting. Victoria will discuss the experience with Barbara and may even offer her critic’s pick. Media personality and scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, will discuss Lorraine Meinke’s portrait of him and the experience of sitting for five portraits this year.

Sunday 14 July – Three very different artists will discuss their very different works in the Wynne selection. Anne Ross has created unique cast bronze sculptures, John Morris has depicted a landscape overcome by flood and Kate Briscoe has used river sand to recreate Arnhem Land.

Sunday 21 July – Margaret Woodward will speak about her large landscape work, the latest in a series of works based on the extensive waterlands of Arnhem Land. Victoria Peel will discuss her diptych landscape.

image: DAVID NASEBY  Richard Hall