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Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Significant Others: Celebrating 20 Years of Exhibitions at S.H. Ervin Gallery

  • This event finished on 11 October 1998

5 September – 11 October

Significant Others introduces artists to a selected pair or ‘other’ (mostly known to each other but sometimes not). At its simplest, artisitc partnerships can be determined by kinship, such as shared interests of father and daughter Hans & Nor aHeysen in landscape and still life, or famed brother and sister illustrators Ruby Lindsay and Norman Lindsay in fantasy narrative. Others declared an artistic partnership, such as colleagues George Lambert and Thea Proctor, life-long partners in a program to transform Georgian Sydney into a cosmopolitan artistic centre, or Frank and Margfel Hinder’s common interest in the dynamics of civic spaces.

Twenty three curators were involved in the exhibition – Annette Butterfield, Anita Callaway, Dinah Dysart, Stella Downer, Mikala Dwyer, Zeny Edwards, Elizabeth Ellis, Christine France, GavinHarris, Jo Holder, Craig Judd, Lou Klepac, Colin Laverty, Catherine de Lorenzo, Anne Loxley, Mary Mackay, Joanna Mendelssohn, Catriona Moore, Eric Riddler, Ian Stephenson, Martin Terry, Sarah Thomas and Megan Treharne.

List of Works – Significant Others