Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm

Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Verve: An Exhibition of Visual Poetry & Poetic Visuals

  • This event finished on 23 May 1998

30 April – 24 May 1998

Presented in association for the Sydney Writer’s Festival, Verve was an exhibition exploring the dialogue between 20 artists and poets from NSW, ACT, Victoria and Queensland, whose artwork distils one of the great themes in our culture, the contest between word and image.

Artists: Simon Blau, Janet Burchill, Maria Cruz, Andy Davey, Debra Dawes, Destiny Deacon, Christopher Dean, Mikala Bwyer, Sonia Hassan, Tie Hua Huang, Tim Johnson & My Le Thi, Rudi Krausmass, Hou Leong, Ruark Lewis, Jennifer Mills, Anne Ooms, Scott Redford, Alan Riddell, Neil Roberts, David Sequeria, Christopher Snee, Thalia, Richard Tipping.

Curator: Jo Holder

List of works- Verve