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Salon des Refuses 2024

  • Sat 8 June 2024 until Sun 25 August 2024

The alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection

8 June – 25 August 2024

The Salon des Refusés was initiated by the S.H. Ervin Gallery in 1992 in response to the large number of works entered into the Archibald Prize which were not selected for display in the official exhibition. The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s most high profile and respected awards which attracts hundreds of entries each year and the S.H. Ervin Gallery’s ‘alternative’ selection has become a much-anticipated feature of the Sydney scene.

Each year our panel is invited to go behind the scenes of the judging process for the annual Archibald Prize for portraiture and Wynne Prize for landscape painting and figure sculpture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, to select an exhibition from the many hundreds of works entered in both prizes but not chosen for the official award exhibition.

The Salon des Refusés exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery has established an excellent reputation that rivals the selections in the ‘official’ exhibition, with works selected for quality, diversity, humour and experimentation, and which examine contemporary art practices, different approaches to portraiture and responses to the landscape.

This year’s selectors were Brad Hammond, director Orange Regional Gallery and Jane Watters, director, S.H. Ervin Gallery.


Nick Galvin – The ‘reject’ show that artists love to be seen in – The Sydney Morning Herald

Salon Archibald Selection

DAVID BEAUMONT         The Whisper: Portrait of Dr David Brumley OAM oil on linen 150 x 120 cm

SHARON BILLINGE           Celeste (Celeste Chandler, artist) oil on wood 22.5 x 15.5 cm

JOANNA BRAITHWAITE Memory Lane (Self-portrait)  oil on canvas 110 x 210 cm

CYNTHIA BREUSCH         Portrait of artist Christopher McVinish acrylic on board 122.5 x 122 cm

CARMEL FRANCESCA BYRNE       Sarah (Sarah Greenwood, actor)  oil on canvas 183 x 137 cm

TOM CARMENT                James Scanlon, Gates Avenue oil on linen 51 x 41 cm

JUN CHEN                           Michael Wardell (Michael Wardell, gallery director) oil on canvas 188 x 132 cm

MELISSA CLEMENTS        My Grandfather Died Today (Self-portrait)  oil on paper 10 x 7.5 cm

TONY COSTA                      Professor Veena Sahajwalla oil on canvas 182 x152 cm

SINEAD DAVIES                 Heather Ewart oil on canvas 94 x 94 cm

AMANDA DAVIES            Self-Portrait with a lazy eye and satin gloves  oil on linen 52.5cm x 42 cm

GRAEME DRENDEL          Portrait of Rick (Rick Amor, artist) oil on canvas 41 x 31 cm

DAVID EASTWOOD         Verso (Self-portrait) acrylic on polyester 61 × 71 cm

KATHERINE EDNEY          Lynda dreaming in pink and blue (Lynda Draper, artist) oil on birch panel, enamel and glazed ceramics 84 x 61 cm

NICOLETTE EISDELL         Larry, at home in Leura (Larry Buttrose) oil on stretched canvas 40 x 61 cm

ANDY FACKRELL               Self-Portrait oil on canvas 30 x 25 cm

ELIZA GOSSE                      Emma and Norby on holiday (Emma Mulholland) oil on birch plywood 180 x 115 cm

SAMANTHA GROENESTYN Addiction (Self-portrait) oil on linen 34 x 21.5 cm

MICHELLE HISCOCK        The Director (Samuel Lucas Allen, writer/director)  oil on canvas 45.5 x 35.5 cm

ZAI KUANG                         Back to Medieval oil on board, 22.5 x 20.3 cm

MARIE MANSFIELD         Caroline Zilinsky (Artist), oil on board, 60 x 50 cm

ANNE MCCAUGHEY       Blight (Self-portrait) oil on board, 25.5 x 20 cm

PAUL MILLER                     I am Still (Self-Portrait)  varnished egg tempera on wooden panel, 60 cm x 2.5c

LEWIS MILLER                   Portrait of Graeme Drendel II, oil on Belgian linen, 172 cm x 82 cm

HEATHER MILLER             “though I have closed myself as fingers” (Self-portrait) oil on clay board, 63 x 48

ELIZABETH NELSON         Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 69 x 59 cm

PAUL NEWTON                 Self-Portrait – 2024, oil on linen canvas, 41 cm x 36 cm

LORI PENSINI                     Free Bird (Self-portrait) oil on linen, 55 x 50 cm

RODNEY POPLE              High as a kite (Self-portrait)  oil on linen, 159 x 136 cm

IMOGEN EVE ROWE        Pop watercolour on yupo 79 x 109 cm

JACK RUBIN & PIP EDWARDS COLLABORATION  Louis Roller OAM, canvas, 62 x 50 cm

EVAN SALMON                 Studio interior, reflection (self-portrait), oil on linen, 122.5 x 137.5 cm

WENDY SHARPE               Self-Portrait with Improbable Beings, oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm

ALISON SMITH                  Face XXXVI (self) oil on paper 76 x 56 cm

PHOEBE STONE                 Self-Portrait. Crying in the bathroom again. oil on board 64 x 49 cm

LIZ STUTE                             Revolving door (Self-Portrait) oil on canvas 101 x 76 cm

TRISH TAIT                          Me Myself I (Self-portrait) oil on board 30cm x 30 cm

NOEL THURGATE             Portrait of Ann Thomson oil, acrylic and collage on hardboard 155 x 120 cm


Salon Wynne Selection

JO BERTINI                          Singing Up Country – each phrase the size of a red stone – Turraburra.’ (Iningai Country, QLD) oil on Belgian linen 158 x 204 cm

KATJARRA BUTLER          Papuun acrylic on canvas 147.3 x 177.8 cm

CHARLES COOPER            Tick tock oil on canvas 147 x 168 cm

MARK DOBER                    Lake Daylesford,Autumn gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm

JACQUI DRIVER                 Thicket Thinking oil and watercolour on paper  132 x 75 cm

KATIE FIRTH                       Sea from Birkley Road  oil 101 x 91 cm

ROB HOWE                        South Coast Beach and Pines oil on board 83 x 117 cm

DAVID HURWITZ              Cape Paterson watercolour on paper 90 x 130 cm

LAURA JONES                    Slow Burn oil on linen 183 x 152 cm

STEVE LOPES                      Australian Gothic oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm

HARLEY MANIFOLD        No calls, no texts, speeding tickets and one brake light. Fml. oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm

AVA MCCLURE                  Nepalese theme park oil on canvas 24 x 17 cm

CHRISTOPHER McVINISH The silent street oil on canvas 101.5 x 152.5 cm

MANTUA NANGALA       Untitled  acrylic on linen  183 x 244cm

CHRIS O’DOHERTY           Cruciform eucalypt with doomsday clock house enamel and oil paint on canvas 100 x 70 cm

KATHRYN RYAN                Drift oil on linen 137 x 183 cm

MARY TONKIN                  A scream, Kalorama oil on linen 214 x 366 cm

JOHN R. WALKER             Goat Made Wilderness archival oil on linen 183 x 243 cm

KIM WESTCOTT                Forest of Light acrylic on aluminium panels 160 x 240 cm

JO WHITE                            Last roar of the dinosaur mixed media 52 x 62 cm

JOE WHYTE                        Memory and Light oil on linen 75 x 126 cm

CHEE YONG                        Garden 3 a.m. oil on wood 10 x 10 cm

featured image: SINEAD DAVIES  Heather Ewart  2024 oil on canvas 94 x 94 cm