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Destination Sydney: the natural world

  • This event finished on 20 March 2022

4 January – 20 March 2022

A  collaboration between Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Mosman Art Gallery and S.H. Ervin Gallery – one exhibition, three galleries and nine artists.

Destination Sydney: The natural world is the third (and final) iteration of the Destination Sydney series, developed and presented by Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Mosman Art Gallery and S.H. Ervin Gallery. The first two exhibitions featured well known Australian artists whose landscape visions of Sydney changed our perception of the city. Under the initial guidance of curator Lou Klepac, the two previous exhibitions of nine artists each showed the wide range and complexities of landscape paintings and demonstrated their popularity in Australian art.

Presenting the works of nine leading Australian artists all connected by their concern for organic forms and/or the environment., Destination Sydney: the natural world  features the work of key Australian artists Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Juz Kitson and Bronwyn Oliver at S.H. Ervin Gallery. At Manly Art Gallery and Museum you’ll discover the work of Merran Esson, Fiona Lowry and Joan Ross and at Mosman Art Gallery you’ll encounter the work of  Janet Laurence,, Caroline Rothwell and Robyn Stacey.

This exhibition now brings the series up to date and showcases a broader range of media to include painting, photography, digital media sculpture and ceramics. All but one of the artists is living and in a nod to contemporary curatorial thinking and practice, all of the artists and their associated essayists are female.

Each of the artists has created works that are synonymous with the natural world, in new and innovative ways. The intention to show artists whose interests are in organic forms and nature but with the added analytical appreciation and understanding of the environment.

The Destination Sydney series has always worked to a model of featuring three significant artists in each of our galleries, and this third exhibition completes the trinity of exhibitions. We are pleased to work together as partners in realising exhibitions greater in scope and impact than our institutions’ normal capabilities and in delivering outstanding art experiences to inspire audiences and to promote the extraordinary work of these outstanding artists.

Destination Sydney: the natural world is accompanied by a 120page catalogue $25 – Available now


John McDonald – Destination Sydney show merges nature with art – The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 12 February


Gain insights into the works of two exhibiting artists, ideas and practice as they join ABC Radio Sydney journalist and presenter Cassie McCullagh in this special event. Presented as part of the 2022 Sydney Festival Talks series, the talks coincide with Destination Sydney the natural world can be viewed on AT HOME, the Sydney Festival’s online viewing platform.

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