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Pens & Pencils

Pens & Pencils

The Pens & Pencils are a group of artists that meet regularly at the National Trust. Founded by Lou Klepac, curator, former gallery director, historian, writer & publisher the group held its inaugural meeting in the cafe of the S.H. Ervin Gallery in July 1991. The original intention was to bring artists, who were working in isolation from each other in their studios, to meet and discuss art and art practice.

Past and present members of the group include:

Lou Klepac (founder)

Frank McNamara (1916-1995)

Sue McNamara (no dates available)

Frank Hinder (1906-1992)

Earle Backen (1927-2005)

Nora Heysen (1911-2003)

Clive Hale (1937-2005)

John Coburn (1925-2006)

Judy Cassab (1920-2015)

Guy Warren

Joy Warren (1922-2011)

Daniel Pata

Anne Pata (1950-2017)

Terry O’Donnell

Kevin Connor

Doreen Coburn (1926-2016)

Alex Butler

Chris Gentle

Peter Pinson (1943-2017)

Margaret Woodward

John Caldwell

Barbara Konkolowicz

Anne Cape

Pat Harry

Patrick Blake

Greg Hansell

Jules Francois

Eva McNaughton

Stephen Cross

Lenore Rays

Peter Missingham


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