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2003 The year in art

  • This event finished on 14 December 2003

8 November – 14 December 2003

Initiated by the S. H. Ervin Gallery in 2002, The Year in Art group exhibition presents an overview of contemporary art practice that has been displayed in Sydney galleries throughout the year.  With an aim to bring the work of living Australian artists to a wider audience, The Year in Art reflects the vitality of the Sydney art scene. Selected by a panel of arts writers, reviewers and curators, The Year in Art features work from emerging and established artists working in any discipline.

Some of the selected artists featured this year include –

Laurence Aberhart, Cressida Campbell, Peter Cooley, Vivienne Ferguson, James Gleeson, Peter Booth, Hany Armanious, Sydney Ball, Destiny Deacon, David Eastwood, Gail English, David Fairbairn, Catherine Fox, John Firth-Smith, Dale Frank, Shaun Gladwell, Cherry Hood, Robert Jacks, Euan Macleod, Ken Unsworth, Jan King, Jess MacNeil, Rusty Peters, Luke Sciberras, Debra Phillps, Xu Bing, Gordon Bennett, Cherine Fahd, Anwen Keeling, John Bartley, Jane Burton, Max Linegar and James Powditch.

2003: The Year in Art is your chance to catch-up with what’s been happening in the Sydney galleries this year.  Don’t miss it!

A Public Program of talks by artists and arts industry professionals will support the exhibition each Sunday at 3pm. 

Sunday 9 November at 3pm – Exhibiting artist Euan Macleod and Deutscher-Menzies Sydney Director, Damian Hackett, reflecting on their year in art.

Sunday 16 November  – Ken Unsworth and Debra Phillips, exhibiting artists with Henry Mulholland, arts commentator and selector, the Year in Art exhibition.

Sunday 23 November – Exhibiting artists, Cressida Campbell, Jude Rae, Catherine Fox and John Firth-Smith

Sunday 30 November – Bill Gregory, director Annandale Galleries on indigenous artists, Wanyubi Marika, Galuma Maymaru and Djambawa Marawili, selected for the exhibition

Sunday 7 December –Exhibiting artists, David Eastwood, Shaun Gladwell, Jane Burton


Featured image: CATHERINE FOX  Bottom