Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm

Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

2004: The Year in Art           

  • This event finished on 12 December 2004

The concept for this exhibition is to present a selection of works from exhibitions that have been held at Sydney art galleries throughout 2004.

Invited selectors viewed countless exhibitions throughout the year and nominated works that they believed represented the scope of contemporary art practice. The artists that have been selected for this exhibition demonstrate the diversity of the dynamic contemporary arts scene and include both emerging artists and established practitioners.

The exhibition aims to promote contemporary artists working in any discipline and bring their work to the attention of a wider audience.

The 48 works in the exhibition are presented with the assistance of the artists, their representative galleries in Sydney and in some cases, also with the cooperation of collectors who have acquired the works from the exhibitions. We wish to acknowledge the support of all of these people who have helped us once again present – The Year in Art.     

Selected by Laura Murray Cree, Nick Vickers & Jane Watters, this exhibtion aimed to prenet the best in Australian Art for the year 2004.

Artists included in the exhibtion: Rick Amor, Brook  Andrew, Susan Andrews, Peter Atkins, Lionel Bawden, John Beard, Zadok Ben-David, Jo Bertini, Ballan Bolton, Elisabeth Cummings Fiona Davies, Debra Dawes, eX de Medici, Marian Drew, Viola Dominello, Cherine Fahd, Shane Forest, Phillip George, Julie Harris, Christine Johnson, Anne Judell, William Kentridge, Christopher Langton, Jess MacNeil, Amanda Marburg, Francesca Mataraga, John Mawurndjul, Noel McKenna, Anne Noble, Polixeni Papapetrou, Debra Phillips, Jon Plapp, Don Rankin, Amanda Robins, Alexander Seton, David Sequeira, Peter Sharp, Wendy Sharpe, Tim Silver, Mariola Smarzak, Venske & Spanle, Anne Wallace, Guan Wei.



Sunday 21 November  – Lionel Bawden discusses his vivid use of Staedtler pencils in his sculpture, The Monsters & Fiona Davies talks about the use of found objects (buttons) and zinc in her wall relief, Ice/Plain as a Glass of Water.

Sunday 28 November – Phillip George explains the use of digital manipulation in the creation of his recent photographic works & Amanda Robins discusses working with charcoal.

Sunday 5 December – Jess MacNeil explains the use of space and suspension of vision in her paintings &Alexander Seton reveals his technique of sculpturing marble into everyday items.

Renowned New Zealand artist, Anne Noble talks about her striking photographic series, Ruby’s Room. Anne travelled from NZ especially for this public program.