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Salon des Refusés 2023

  • This event finished on 23 July 2023

The alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection

6 May – 23 July 2023

The Salon des Refusés was initiated by the S.H. Ervin Gallery in 1992 in response to the large number of works entered into the Archibald Prize which were not selected for display in the official exhibition. The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s most high profile and respected awards which attracts hundreds of entries each year and the S.H. Ervin Gallery’s ‘alternative’ selection has become a much anticipated feature of the Sydney scene.

Each year our panel is invited to go behind the scenes of the judging process for the annual Archibald Prize for portraiture and Wynne Prize for landscape painting and figure sculpture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, to select an exhibition from the many hundreds of works entered in both prizes but not chosen for the official award exhibition.

In 2023, 59 works were selected for the ‘alternative’ exhibition, with 35 from the Archibald Prize & 24 from the Wynne Prize by selectors Nick Vickers, curator and lecturer & Jane Watters, director, S.H. Ervin Gallery.

The Salon des Refusés exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery has established an excellent reputation that rivals the selections in the ‘official’ exhibition, with works selected for quality, diversity, humour and experimentation, and which examine contemporary art practices, different approaches to portraiture and responses to the landscape.

Sunday afternoon @ the Gallery

Sunday 4 June @ 3pm

Join exhibiting artists Katie Firth, Rob Howe and Tohby Riddle as they discuss their works in the Salon.


Sunday 18 June @ 3pm

Archibald entrants Caroline Zilinsky and Dean Browne will share their insights into portraiture plus discuss the sitter and painter relationship that develops during the process of portrait painting. Evan Salmon will discuss the art of self-portraiture and its enduring appeal for painters.


Sunday 9 July @ 3pm

Exhibiting artists Jacqueline Hennessy, Steve Lopes and Robert Malherbe discuss their differing approaches to portraiture


Sunday 16 July @ 3pm

James Drinkwater, Alan Jones and Jennifer Keeler-Milne discuss their painting styles and share their views on landscape painting.

Free with gallery admission



John McDonald – The portraits that didn’t make the Archibald Prize cut – 13 May 2023

Linda Morris – Contentious’ portrait among Archibald rejects celebrated in own show – 8 May 2023

Helen Pitt – How does it feel to be painted for the Archibald Prize? Terrifying 22 April 2023


Salon Archibald Selection

DEAN BROWN                   Zilinsky (Caroline Zilinsky, artist) oil and acrylic on aluminium in powder coat steel 120 x 90 cm

GINA BRUCE                       Rowena Danziger reading (Rowena Danziger AM, retired educator) gouache on gesso board 38 x 27.5 cm

RACHEL COAD                   The imaginative historian, self portrait oil on linen 165 x 140 cm

DAGMAR CYRULLA         Self Portrait oil on canvas paper on board 51 x 39 cm

DESIREE CROSSING         The Poet and Three Stars (Maitland Schnaars, actor, writer) oil on linen 150 x 120 cm

DAVID FAIRBAIRN           Head of S.A.No. 1 (Portrait of artist Suzanne Archer) acrylic gouache pastel & charcoal on paper on board 140 x 120 cm

GRAEME DRENDEL          Portrait of Hertha (Hertha Kluge-Pott, artist) oil on canvas 30 x 26 cm

PETER GODWIN               Self portrait (before the mirror) tempera emulsion and graphite on linen 45 x 45 cm

JANE GUTHLEBEN            The Writer (Helen Pitt, journalist and author) oil on marine ply 41.5 x 21.5 cm

JACQUELINE HENNESSY And kerbstone cool, you were a freshly painted angel (Shannon Murphy, film, television and theatre director) oil on linen 122 x 152 cm

NICOLE KELLY                    All I see – Lauren, Poppy & Our Baby (events producer & co-founder In The Field Artist Workshops) oil on polyester 122 x 137.5 cm

JOHN KLEIN                        Claudia Chan Shaw: Deco Goddess (presenter, artist, designer and author) oil on canvas 76 x 38 cm

STEVE LOPES                      George Gittoes, Black Palette, Praying for Ukraine (George Gittoes, artist) oil on canvas 110 x 100 cm

ELOISE LYDFORD              Otis (artist) tattoo ink and acrylic on silicone 35 x 27.5 cm

ROBERT MALHERBE        Head of a poet, Sarah Holland-Batt (poet) oil on linen 46 x 38 cm

NICOLA MASON               With the kitchenalia and banksia posse (Self-Portrait) oil on canvas 61.5 x 153 cm

SAMUEL MASSEY             Les le Penseur (Leslie Rice, Painter) oil on aluminium  104 x 139 cm

NOEL MCKENNA              William Nuttall with horses in field (art dealer) oil on canvas 160 x 160 cm

PAUL MILLER                     Self-portrait-Cut to the bone dry brush watercolour and pencil on paper 123 x 101 cm

GLENN MORGAN             The talented photographer Mr Rod McNicol (photographer)acrylic on board 59 x 121 cm

RODNEY POPLE                 FF descending a staircase (Felicity Fenner, curator) oil on linen 207 x 141 cm

CAMERON POTTS            Save The Last Dance For Me (self-portrait) house acrylic, watercolour, pencil and ink 100 x 80 cm

JENNY RODGERSON       Self Portrait – Stumble oil on linen 107 x 168 cm

STEVE SALO                        Self Portrait in Ukrainian Shirt egg tempera on board 32 x 27 cm

EVAN SALMON                 Reflection self portrait (in the studio) oil on linen 122.5 x 137.5 cm

WENDY SHARPE               Betty Grumble/Emma Maye Gibson, Performance Artist oil on linen 137 x 122 cm

KYLIE MELINDA SMITH    Eileen Kramer (Ballet Dancer) oil on linen 92 x 79 cm

TIM SNOWDON                This Could Be Yours (Marina’s Debris) (Marina Debris, artist/activist) oil on linen 76 x 61 cm

LIZ  STUTE                           Juchaine (self-portrait) oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm

VANESSA STOCKARD      Sleep School (Self-Portrait) oil and enamel on dibond 80 x 80 cm

TRISH TAIT                          Beyond the screen, the art of reading (Hugh Tait, musician/pharmacist) oil on board 30 cm diameter

STEPHEN TIERNAN          Taking the Lead (Zenin Smith, musician) oil on copper 20 x 15 cm

MICHAEL VALE                  Sierra Ferrell (musician) oil on linen 183 x 152 cm

ANNE WALLACE               Wongar (Sreten Božić) at home with dingo Linda (Boro Wongar aka Sreten Božić, author and photographer) oil on linen 153 x 138 cm

CAROLINE ZILINSKY        Drama Queen (Maxi Shield (Kristopher Elliott) (RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Star and International Drag Performer)  oil on linen 122 x 112cm


Wynne Prize Selection

OLIVER ABBOTT                Cul-de-sac oil on wood panel 47.5 x 34 cm

JOHN BARTLEY                  Yesterday acrylic on canvas 125 x 85 cm

TOM CARMENT                   North and west of Hawker – walking through  Adnyamathanha Country – the Heysen Trail watercolour on paper 89 x 198 cm

CHARLES COOPER            Tick Tock oil on canvas

TONY COSTA                       Warumbul oil on canvas 183 x 153 cm

ANGIE DE LATOUR           Cold day, Acland Street oil on linen 56 x 46 cm

JAMES DRINKWATER     Your world is ever new oil on linen 168 x 198 cm

KATIE FIRTH                       Driving to uni oil 35 x 28 cm

PETER GARDINER             Dorrigo (white noise) oil on canvas 300 x 120 cm (diptych)

STEVE GOUGH                  Alone oil on board highlighted with gold leaf 40 x 73 cm

CRAIG HANDLEY               ‘the show off #2’  oil on linen 122 x 183 cm

ROB HOWE                        Street Gum oil on board 32.5 x 25 cm

ALAN JONES                       Painting 303 (This Moment Is Precious Don’t Waste It) acrylic on linen

JENNIFER KEELER-MILNE Golden Beech oil on linen canvas 76 x 184 cm

ROBERT MALHERBE        Tree and lake 2 oil on linen 51 x 51 cm

MARIE MANSFIELD         On the way back, Caravan oil on board 41 x 51 cm

RACHEL MILNE                  Woodshed oil on board 30 x 35

SIMON REECE                    escarpment ceramic glazed 39.5 x 203 cm

TOHBY RIDDLE                  Shopfront, Early Morning acrylic on board 45.5 x 61 cm

PETER STEVENS                 Gorge-Flinders oil on board 183 x 122 cm

MARY TONKIN                  The shimmer of Spring’s mellowing, Kalorama 2022-3 oil on linen 183 x 248 cm

MATTHEW TUMBERS     Non-ambient with fossils and/or burnt offerings acrylic on board 24 x 18 cm

KIM WESTCOTT                 Kelly’s Country II Indian ink and interference acrylic on aluminium panels 140 x 200 cm (Diptych)

JOSHUA YELDHAM          Driftwood acrylic on hand carved board 201 x 246 cm

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featured image: JACQUELINE HENNESSY And kerbstone cool, you were a freshly painted angel (Shannon Murphy, film, television and theatre director)