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In (Two) Art

  • This event finished on 12 August 2012


A Maitland Regional Gallery Touring Exhibition 

Curated by Joseph Eisenberg and Kim Blunt, In [Two] Art presents work by sixty of Australia’s leading artists (thirty artistic and life couples).   This fascinating exhibition features an impressive convergence of works from Australian artists who employ a diversity of contemporary mediums and practices.  Subtle, often implied or obscure similarities can be found or inferred between the works of two artists who are also lovers; confidants; friends; and life-partners.  Whilst practicing art as individuals, these artists are also recognised as being part of a creative artist couple.

Curator Joseph Eisenburg writes, “All of the artists in the exhibition have crafted a life that sees them live together with a singular devotion to art and a unique and personal relationship to one another.”

Thirty artist couples have been selected including Rick Amor and Meg Williams; Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis;  Max Cullen and Margarita Georgiadis; David Fairbairn and Suzanne Archer;  Ross Laurie and Myfanwy Gullifer; Leo Robba and Adrienne Richards; Peter O’Doherty and Susan O’Doherty; Alun Leach–Jones and Nola Jones.

In the words of artist David Fairbairn, “We both believe that the absolute priority in our lives is making art. Working alongside another creative person who also shares that obsession is the best combination”.

Other artist couples in the show include Tom Alberts and Lisa Barmby;  James Avery and Eleanor Avery; Michael Bell and Claire Martin; Michel Brouet and Judith White; Darren Bryant and Joanna Kambourian; Sally Clarke and Brenda Factor; Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy; Paul Davis and Jacqueline Clayton; Geoff Dixon and Arone Meeks; Craig Gough and Wendy Stavros; Ian Grant and Ruth Howard; Christopher Hodges and Helen Eager; Bob Jenyns and Lorraine Jenyns; Shane Jones and Deborah Klein; Mark Kimber and Deborah Paauwe; Stephen King and Julia Griffin; Marco Luccio and Debra Luccio; John Martin and Rachel Frecker; Valerie Odewahn and Catherine Rogers; John Turier and Nicola Hensel; Peter Vandermark and Marie Hagerty; Trevor Weeks and Juliet Ackery.

The Agapitos/ Wilson Annual is a yearly celebration of the partnership between the late James Agapitos OAM and Ray Wilson OAM, who funded the project.

This exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government program supporting touring exhibitions, by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of Australian cultural material across Australia.

A list of works can be found here.

Sunday afternoons @ the Gallery

Sunday 8 July, 3pm – Artist talk with Michel Brouet & Judith White, Ian Grant & Ruth Howard

Sunday 22 July, 3pm – Curator’s talk with Joe Eisenberg OAM, Cultural Director, Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Sunday 29 July, 3pm – Artist talk with David Fairbairn & Suzanne Archer, Peter O’Doherty & Susan O’Doherty

Sunday 5 August, 3pm – Artist talk with Max Cullen & Margarita Georgiadis

Sunday 12 August, 3pm – Artist talk with Bernard Ollis & Wendy Sharpe