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Revealed: the gallery collection & conservation in action

  • This event finished on 24 June 2016

One of the most important functions of a public art gallery is to preserve and protect its collections. An intricate marriage of both art and science, art conservation involves researching and assessing the needs of the works of art, implementing preventative treatments, and repairing damaged or deteriorating objects. With a collection of hundreds of diverse artworks and objects that span 200 years of Australian cultural history, the S.H. Ervin Gallery and National Trust is working on a project to ensure that its works of art are properly cared for so that future generations can enjoy them.

Revealed: the Gallery collection and conservation in action is conducted by the National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery and International Conservation Services (ICS) and presents a unique opportunity for the gallery to clean the gallery’s extensive collection whilst presenting a special educational and pragmatic look at how a gallery maintains and preserves its collection. As part of the project conservators on site will be cleaning and conserving in a temporary conservation studio. The gallery will host a temporary display of their permanent collection to shadow the conservation process.

Revealed: the Gallery collection and conservation in action presents an exclusive moment in the gallery’s exhibition calendar to gain insight into the gallery’s permanent collection and understand the process behind maintaining one of Sydney’s greatest collections of Australian colonial and twentieth century art.

Revealed: the Gallery collection and conservation in action will be open to patrons on the following days:

Tuesday 7 June 11am – 5pm

Wednesday 8 June 11am- – 5pm

Thursday 9 June 11am – 5pm

Friday 10 June  11am – 5pm

closed Saturday 11, Sunday 12 & Monday 13 June

Tuesday 14 June 11am – 5pm

Wednesday 15 June  11am – 5pm

Thursday 16 June 11am -5pm

Friday 17 June 11am – 5pm

closed Saturday 18, Sunday 19 & Monday 20 June

Tuesday 21 June 11am – 5pm

Wednesday 22 June 11am – 5pm

Thursday 23 June 11am – 5pm

Friday 24 June 11am – 5pm