Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-5pm

Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Windows To The Sacred

  • This event finished on 29 September 2013


At the heart of Esoteric Art is the argument that Art is not governed by money, fashion or favour, and that the highest purpose for creativity is to enable the communion of Man with the Divine.

In 1892, a unique blue and white poster started appearing on the streets of Paris. It had a certain aesthetic which caught the public attention, but its fundamental message was that spiritual ascension could be found through Art. Created by Marcel Schwabe to advertise the first exhibition of the Salon De La Rose Croix, its central aim was to restore Art to its true glory and purpose as a path to the divine. The founder of the new salon, Joseph Peladan remains a pivotal figure in the public presentation of what has come to be termed Esoteric Art and while short-lived, the Salon de la Rose Croix created a mainstream dialogue for art which sought to exist outside of convention, fashion and economy. Like the French symbolist painters operating in the same period, artists of Peladan’s salon created art for enlightenment and saw the artist as a prophet charged with the discovery of Truth and Beauty.

The Artist Prophet is a revolutionary figure, intent on the continual challenge of established thought. From the work of William Blake, Paul Gauguin, Andre Breton, Aleister Crowley, Rosaleen Norton, Kenneth Anger and the contemporary work of Barry William Hale, Thor Engelstad and Collective777, the model of the esoteric artist promulgates freedom of creative and spiritual expression. While some artists included in this exhibition work outside the esoteric traditions, they have all used their art to engage with esoteric symbolism, trance technique and understand that worlds exist behind the reality that we see before our eyes.

As in its many and varied manifestations over the centuries, Esoteric Art remains an expression for the original purpose of creative existence.

The exhibition is presented in association with Buratti Fine Art


Sunday 1 September – Curator’s Floor Talk with Robert Buratti

An Introduction to Esoteric Art by Robert Buratti and artist talks, followed by a performance by NOKO.

Sunday 15 September – Gnostic Mass and talk by Stephen J King

A talk on the Gnostic religion and live performance of the central spiritual rite of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Church of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a rite developed by Aleister Crowley, to be performed in the Gnostic Temple.

Sunday 29 September – Artist Talk with Danie Mellor and Barry William Hale

Meet artists in the exhibition and join Danie Mellor and Barry William Hale for a discussion about their works in the show. Complimentary glass of champagne to celebrate closing day.