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Salon des Refusés 2017

  • Sat 29 July 2017 until Sun 15 October 2017

The alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection

S.H. Ervin Gallery, 29 July – 15 October 2017

The Salon des Refusés was initiated by the S.H.Ervin Gallery in 1992 in response to the large number of works entered into the Archibald Prize which were not selected for display in the official exhibition. The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s most high profile and respected awards which attracts hundreds of entries each year and the S.H. Ervin Gallery’s ‘alternative’ selection has become a much anticipated feature of the Sydney art scene.

Each year our panel is invited to go behind the scenes of the judging process for the annual Archibald Prize for portraiture and Wynne Prize for landscape painting and figure sculpture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, to select an exhibition from the many hundreds of works entered in both prizes but not chosen for the official award exhibition. The criteria for works selected in the Salon are quality, diversity, humour and innovation. Of the 822 Archibald Prize entries the AGNSW Trustees selected 43 and from 753 Wynne Prize entries AGNSW Trustees selected 42 works. From the remaining submission at the Art Gallery of New South Wales our selectors have chosen the 53 works for this alternative exhibition.

The 2017 selection panel comprised James Dorahy art advisor, Michael Reid Galleries; Elisabeth Hastings curator & author, Kevin Connor monograph; and Jane Watters, director, S.H. Ervin Gallery.

The Salon des Refusés exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery has established an excellent reputation that rivals the selections of the ‘official’ exhibition with works selected for quality, diversity, humour and experimentation which examine contemporary art practices, different approaches to portraiture and responses to the landscape.

Visitors to the annual Salon des Refusés exhibition can vote for their favourite artwork in the Holding Redlich People’s Choice Award, the winner of this much anticipated award will be announced on 12 October 2017.       


2017 Selections:




TOM ALBERTS  PlantMan (Paul McCluskey  -architect, painter, and actor) oil paint on Belgian linen 132 x 106.5 cm


TAMARA ARMSTRONG  The Power of Vulnerability and Surrender (Faustina Agolley broadcaster, actor, producer writer and DJ) acrylic on canvas 100 x 150cm  [Pictured]


SOPHIE CAPE  Scoring the Divide (self portrait) acrylic and charcoal on canvas 206 x 210cm


TOM CARMENT   Nirmal Reading (Dr Nirmal Patel – ear surgeon) oil on wood panel 30 x 24cm


MATT CHUN  Abdul (Abdul Abdullah – artist) gouache, pencil and acrylic on plywood  120 x 100cm


LUKE CORNISH   Ben (Ben Quilty – artist) aerosol enamel on canvas 190 x 130cm


DAVID DARCY  Nelson & Phoenix – Producer and the star (Nelson Woss & Phoenix – producer and canine actor)  oil on canvas 200 x 150cm


SINEAD DAVIES  Carla Zampatti (Carla Zampatti – fashion designer)  oil on canvas 100cm x 90cm


YVONNE EAST  Baritone (Teddy Tahu Rhodes – operatic baritone)  oil on Belgian linen  66 x 66cm


MARTIN EDGE   Neil Evans (Neil Evans – artist) acrylic on canvas 50 x 50cm


JOHN EDWARDS  Self Portrait with Elise (self portrait)   oil on canvas 183 x 152 cm


HUGH EDWARDS  Bob Brown, Up Over, Down Under (Bob Brown – conservationist)  acrylic 120 x 150cm


DAVID FAIRBAIRN  Large Head G.E. No 2 (Gillian Elphick – former gilder and restorer) acrylic, gouache, pastel, charcoal & ink on paper on board 130x120cm


MERTIM GOKALP   Bon Appétit (Manu Feildel – chef)oil on wood panel 110 x 160cm


DONALD KEYS    The Captain and Paul (Paul Ryan – artist) synthetic polymer 152 x 101cm


JANIS LANDER   Kempson (Michael Kempson – artist, curator, master printer and academic) oil on canvas 93 x 61cm


BELEM LETT   I got home from work and sat on the toilet scrolling then remembered i needed to paint a self portrait for the Archibald so i took a selfie and continued to scroll. (self portrait) oil on aluminium composite panel 31 x  22 cm


MICHAEL LODGE  Bruce Petty (Bruce Petty – cartoonist)   acrylic 90×90 cm


MATHEW LYNN Franchesca Cubillo (Franchesca Cubillo – curator) oil on linen 198 x 137cm


GUY MAESTRI    Self portrait as a still life (self portrait)    oil on linen 61cm x 51cm


DEAN MANNING  Costa in honey (Costa Georgiadis – landscape architect and TV presenter) oil on wood  71.2 x 60cm


MARIE MANSFIELD  Garth (Film Director – Lion) oil on canvas 91cm x 76cm


CHRISTOPHER MCVINISH  Portrait of the Actor, Colin Friels (actor)  oil on linen 132 x 122 cm


MATILDA MICHELL Steve (Steve Hunter – musician/composer)  oil on paper 38 x 28 cm


GUY MORGAN  Marc Etherington in his studio… “My head’s so big, it hurts my neck.” (Artist) oil on canvas 104.5 x 79cm


BERNARD OLLIS  Self portrait after Matisse oil on canvas 178 x 122cms


GEORGE RAFTOPOULOS Artist as puppeteer watch my magic grow (self portrait)  Oil on canvas 55 x 45cm


DALE RHODES   Susie (Susie Porter – actor) Oil on canvas 121 x 183 cm


SALLY ROBINSON   Head in a box (self portrait) acrylic on canvas  152 x 106cm


SALLY ROSS  Albert Wiggan (Musician, Bardi, Nyul Nyul, and Kija man, Traditional owner, Ranger, Environmental/ Indigenous Activist) oil on wood panel 100 x 80cm


EVAN SALMON  Portrait of Hendrick Kolenberg (artist) oil on linen 46.3 x 46.3cm


WENDY SHARPE  The Witching Hour – Elena Kats – Chernin (Composer) oil on Canvas 150 x 150cm


ANDREW SULLIVAN   Jeremy Walker (academic) oil on linen  92 x 122cm


ZOE YOUNG   Lucy eating sushi in Montmartre (Lucy O’Doherty – Artist) Acrylic on Linen 160×130


TIANLI ZU   This is it. (Steven Peters – Head of the Packing Room at AGNSW) Acrylic on linen 198.5 x 152.5





ELISABETH CUMMINGS  Lake Hayes  ink on paper 38 x 112 cm


LYNDA DRAPER   Melancholic boy with ball ceramic, various glazes h 76cm x w 63cm x d 80cm


CRAIG HANDLEY  Mary’s off to Bunnings (cause she’s got an excellent fixer upperra!) oil on linen 139 x 145cm


MARK HOWSON  One Misty Morning  oil on Linen 112 x 137cm


JOYCE HUDDLESTON  My Mother’s Country acrylic on canvas  92 x 125cm


LAURA JONES  Nothing’s More Important Than A Hole In The Ground   oil on linen 152 x 183cm


PETER JONES  Junctions reefs Oil on board 24.5 x 20cm


ROSS LAURIE  Moonlight and Shadow oil on canvas 152 x 200cm


FELICITY ROBERTSON NAMPITJINPA  Puyurru acrylic on linen 150 x 148cm


MANTUA NANGALA  Untitled acrylic on linen 244 x 183cm


PETER PINSON  Still life, wild landscape watercolour on perspex  95cm x 76cm


KATHERINE ROONEY  That certain area, this is Australia acrylic on canvas panel – white boxed frame 13 x 18cm


KATHRYN RYAN  South West Twilight oil on linen 137 x 183cm


PETER SHARP   Eucalypt  oil and Acrylic on Linen 152 x 130cm


PETER STEVENS  Solitary Island   oil on board 122 x 180


NERIDAH STOCKLEY  Shadow on a Hill  oil on Board  40 x 40cm


GEORGE TJUNGARRAYI   Untitled  acrylic on linen  153 x 122cm


STUART WATTERS  Tree Lines  oil on canvas 183 x 198cms



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