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Watson Road

Observatory Hill (The Rocks)

Fearless: Contemporary Indigenous Women in the Hassall Milson collection

  • This event finished on 29 October 2023

16 September – 29 October

Indigenous women artists have come into their own starting with the groundbreaking work of the late, great Emily Kame Kngwarraye in the early 1990s. This stunning exhibition presents the innovation in art practice by artists not constrained by the conventionalities of the Western tradition of painting. They have created their own dynamic visual language informed by their connection to Country and culture, and have forged a powerful and distinctive voice. Featuring the work of artists such as Mantua Nangala, NoŊgirrŊa Marawili, Makinti Napanangka, Naata Nungurrayi, and Dhambit Munuŋgurr, the exhibition comprehensively captures this artistic zeitgeist.

The work in this exhibition is on loan from the Hassall Milson Collection Warrang/Sydney with curatorial assistance from Robert Hirschmann.

FEARLESS – Floor sheet


Breathtaking and awe-inspiring, this is how art should be collected – John McDonald , The Sydney Morning Herald 

Opening night speech by Judith Ryan, Senior Curator of Indigenous Art, University of Melbourne

image: EMILY KAME KNGWARREYE  State of my Country 1990 acrylic on canvas
photos by Adrian Gerbers